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Italian Pottery Marks From Cantagalli to Fornasetti (And Everyone in Between) 1850 - 1950


Italian Pottery Marks From Cantagalli To Fornasetti
By Walter and Karen
Del Pellegrino

For the very first time information on more than 120 Italian factories, studios, artists & over 300 identified marks becomes readily accessible to those who can't read Italian, making this Guide indispensable for the collector.

Italian Pottery Marks: Faenza The City of Ceramics

$49.41 Preview

Italian Pottery Marks Faenza The City of Ceramics
By Walter and Karen
Del Pellegrino

With more than 125 ceramics marks and almost 100 photographs covering the 19th, 20th & 21st centuries, in a format similar to our first Italian pottery guide, the collector will find a wealth of information and a fascinating trip through time and art.

Italian Pottery Marks Righting History

$14.53 Preview

Italian Pottery Marks Righting History
By Walter and Karen
Del Pellegrino

A century ago one of Britain's most famous ceramics historians made a minor mistake in the identification of a 19c potter's mark. That mistake was later repeated by all the English speaking writers that followed.

The following handwritten note was received from
Mr. Wendell Garrett, Senior Vice President of Sotheby's, Editor-At-Large of The Magazine Antiques

Dear Walter and Karen, Kindest thanks for your thoughtfulness and generosity for the gift of Italian Pottery Marks.
I am most impressed. The book is comprehensive in scope, scholarly in research, beautiful in its illustrations, and clear in its writing. Everyone interested in ceramics - collectors, curators, scholars and students - should have a copy on his or her shelf. Warmest regards, Wendell

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Italian Pottery Marks has been added to the reference library of our favorite television show

High praise when reviewed by The New England Antiques Journal, July 2005, pg. 23
Comments from dealers and collectors who have purchased our Italian Pottery Marks books:

M.M.: Italian Pottery Marks From Cantagalli To Fornasetti,
I predict, will be an instant best-seller among those who buy, sell, and collect fine ceramics. Until now, identifying Italian pieces from this very important period (1850-1950) was a crap shoot; few books contain information on these ceramics, and most of those are in Italian, rare, and pricey.
The scholarship and bookcraft are excellent -- it looks as good as it reads! In sum, this reference is a valuable contribution to the appreciation of Italian pottery and porcelain of that period, and will interest collectors of later work as well. A vade mecum for sure!

B. B.: To date, there is no other book offered in English for the pottery collector or dealer to reference for Italian pieces. This remarkable book has been long overdue in the pottery world and is most welcomed among the community of dealers and collectors alike. To the authors' credit, the book reads quickly and is easily absorbed. This is a MUST HAVE book for any pottery/ceramic reference library! This is a two thumbs up and five star review with kudos to the authors

M.B.: I can now spot fakes, recognize the masters, and have started a collection of 19th and 20th century Italian ceramics that I hope one day will be shown in one of Walter and Karen's books. I applaud their efforts and am eternally grateful to them for opening me up to a world previously unknown. Anyone interested in Italian ceramics or 19th and 20th century ceramics in general should purchase this book. I guarantee you will not regret it.

P. J.: I've been trying to identify this piece for over a year. I opened your book and there was the mark! Thank you for Italian Pottery Marks from Cantagalli to Fornasetti!
M. M.: And they have made another winner. Like its predecessor, this work is the only such in English and provides, most importantly, a thorough pictorial index of dated makers' marks for the many potters of Faenza. The work is rounded out with introductions to some of Faenza's best contemporary studios, a selective bibliography of publications and websites, and - perhaps most useful to the novice collector - beautifully illustrated examples of Faenza's common motifs and decorations. The authors are to be praised for their continued fervent dedication to scholarship and art and congratulated upon another bravura performance. Those of us who buy, sell, and collect Italian ceramics are grateful for this work and look forward avidly to the rest of the series!
G. G.: This little book is very useful for quickly looking up Italian marks. It's small but has more marks than much larger and more expensive books. I'm happy to have added this book to my pottery reference library. C.F.: I learned about your book while searching on eBay from another seller! I received it today. It is all I hoped it would be.
Thanks so much for filling a much needed resource of information. Now that I have become an official Italian pottery fanatic, I will be shopping with your book in my handbag at all times.
A. F.: This is the most informative book I have found on Italian Pottery Marks. Excellent pictures of Italian marks. I have been able to identify many Italian marks with this book. It is a must for the Italian Pottery collector or dealer. Also includes some very fascinating Italian history.
Love it!!

J.L.: Thanks so much for writing this book. I love the abandon that the Italians put into their ceramic works. Since buying your book, I've picked up several pieces that I might otherwise have passed up

Previews of the Black and White versions

Italian Pottery Marks From Cantagalli to Fornasetti

Italian Pottery Marks Faenza The City Of Ceramics

Within 2 days of publication our first book is the number 1 search result on Google! link to Google

number 1 search result on GOOGLE

Click the Google logo, type in 'italian pottery marks' and see for yourself!

For an even greater challenge simply type in 'pottery marks' which includes all countries in the world
and you'll see that it ranks 27th of 878,000 entries!

Note: the figures change constantly as additions are made to the world wide web continuously,
when we googled 'pottery marks' in December 2005, the book was in the top ten results of over 5,600,000 entries!

One month after it's release at the end of April 2005, the first book moved up the ranks
of the Lulu website from over #3600 to # 135,
made the Best Sellers list for the Months of May and June 2005,
and remained in the top 100 for more than a year.

An antiques dealer continues to order copies, 150 so far, for sale in his shop in Rome, Italy!
To our surprise these books for English-speaking collectors are selling very well in Italy
and we've been asked more than a few times to translate them into Italian.
One gentleman near Pisa told us he couldn't find anything about Vietri ceramics at his local bookshop
and is looking forward to our next book in the series, which will include that region.

Since our first book served as a general introduction to Italian ceramics throughout the entire country, rather than any specific locale within Italy, it was restricted in offering any detailed discussions of regional histories, styles and techniques. We, therefore, have made the decision to offer a series of books based upon the major ceramics producing centers of Italy thus offering the collector an opportunity to delve more deeply into the subject.

The Forum for Italian pottery Lovers is back,

the Italian Pottery Forum

Stop in as a guest any time,
there's no need to register as a forum member to view the photos or read though the posts.

We're delighted collectors and dealers are pleased with our work. We intended for our guide to be used out in the field at yard sales, estate sales and flea markets. The book is not meant to be a stay at home 'coffee table' book, but a little work-horse of a guide to help find those treasures hidden among all the knick knacks. By the end of the warm weather 'treasure hunting' season you should have a guide that's dog-eared and slightly ragged and a selection of beautiful, identified Italian pottery! Then we'll know we've done our job and our book has served its purpose.
Happy hunting!

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