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The Definitive History of the Somali Cat

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Text-only and stuffed with family trees and weird names for registered cats, this page isn't exactly for casual browsers. Still, this ultra-serious site compiled by Walter and Karen Del Pellegrino illustrates the most effective use of mass communication: Telling the world about the stuff you know and love. And, boy, is there a lot to know about Somali cats. From a 1976 report, through newsletters and personal letters, up to a 1998 update, this is the detailed story of the origins of Somalis, including the battle for acceptance with the Cat Fanciers Association. The Pellegrino's offer a great explanation of how it's possible for two short-haired Abyssinians to have a long-haired offspring (and it isn't just teen rebellion). It's controversial (an almost-conspiracy is even suggested), it's mysterious -- it's about breeding cats, for Pete's (or pets) sake!

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