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Pedigree - Raby Chuffa of Selene
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Pedigree of Raby Chuffa's Dam
Raby Tosca

Raby Tosca

Raby Ashanto

Roverdale Tara

Ch. Abou

Croham Tchips

Croham Rasambu

Roverdale Purr-Kins

Ch. Bruton Billiken

Ch. Pipbun

Croham Menelik

Woodroofe Justa

Ras Hailu

Princess Barna


Mrs. Mew

Ch. Woodroofe Rastus
Bruton Bunty

Woodroofe Brutus

Ch. Abou

Croham Adowa

Tim The Harvester

Standish Sinia Lynette

Ras Aylu


Standish Sinia Beyani

Raby Debra





The four generation pedigree above is based upon the information as provided by Pat Warren in her 1978 C.F.A. Yearbook article. My pedigree, however, has corrected the spelling of several important early Abys and correctly identified the dam of Woodroofe (not Woodruffe) Justa as Standish Sinia Lynette and not Bettabou as mistakenly named by Ms. Warren.

Since Chuffa and his dam, Tosca, both have the same sire (Raby Ashanto) I did not feel it necessary to repeat his pedigree here.

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