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3. Grand Champion Chota Li R.S.T.

Ruddy male Abyssinian

Of all the Aby names which appear in this report R.S.T.'s is perhaps the most famous. He is often referred to as the epitome of perfection and when speaking of the Abyssinia standard R.S.T. is singled out as being a living guide. It is the good fortune of Somali breeders everywhere that R.S.T. is a heterozygous feline carrying the elusive long-hair gene.
R.S.T. has created four long-hair carriers that Somali breeders should be aware of.

a) Kit-Kan Rebecca of Du-Ro-Al

ruddy female Abyssinian
Dam = Nelarie's Endeara of Kit-Kan

Rebecca was mated to Sheramain's Yankee Sultan and together they created Du-Ro-Al's Melissa (see 3a). Knowing that both Yankee Sultan and Rebecca are carriers of the long-hair gene it falls into the realm of possibility, though not probability, that Melissa and her littermates could have been Somalis rather than Abyssinians. Ch. Du-Ro-Al Top Brass was also an offspring of this mating. Top Brass and Melissa were paired and they produced Du-Ro-Al's Samson of Lynn Lee, a Somali of rare beauty.

b) Kit-Kan's Nile Chieftan

ruddy male Abyssinian
Dam = Nelarie's Endeara of Kit-Kan

Nile Chieftan's major contribution to the Somali has been, as far as can be determined, a male Aby called Raggedy Andy and a female called Raggedy Ann (what else!) When this brother and sister were inbred to each other they produced Toujour's Ragamuffin of Foxtail, a ruddy female Somali.

c) Chota Li Amanda of Cafra

ruddy female Abyssinian
Dam = Gr. Ch. Chota Li Russet

Amanda was the dam of Cafra's Wendy Donner who in turn was the dam of De Caresa's Tigger of Kathay, a ruddy male Somali.

d) Ra Da Lu's Rutitu of Saika Sham

ruddy male Abyssinian
Dam = Gr. Ch. Quin Jo's Katari

Rutitu sired Saika Sham's Black Bart who in turn produced Golden Boise of Lynn Lee, a male Somali. Boise has sired Somalis such as Margus Ulysses of Chapaka and Margus Tafne (see also 1b). Golden Boise can also take the credit for siring C.F.F.'s first Champion Somali, L'Air de Rauch's Rocky Raccoon.

4. Ring's Abi Abdel of Selene

Ruddy male Abyssinian

Abi Abdel's most important contribution to the Somalis establishment was perhaps Van Dyke's Abi Abdullah, a male Abyssinian. Coincidently Abdullah's dam, Ring's Abi Sheba, was Abi Abdel's second generation offspring.

Abdullah was studded to Aramgh-Breague's Thais D'Alvi, a ruddy Aby, and when Alvi's Amor of Shorehouse and Alvi's Aida (the resulting offspring of the Abdullah-Thais mating) were inbred to each other they in turn produced Alvi's Chimo of Lollirand, a magnificent male Somali.

Chimo has been responsible for Somalis such as Falconsview Samburu, Falconsview Kahoutec, Winery's Pathetique and Winery's Champagne Brut.

An interesting thought to bear in mind is that in addition to siring Abi Abdullah, Abdel also sired Van Dyke's Abi Shi Boi of Lynn Lee. Shi Boi was mated to Lo Mi R's Trill-by (see 1c) and the female that was conceived, Lynn Lee's Kleopatra was the dam of Lynn Lee's Joralemon, the sire of June's Dancing Moon.

A fascinating picture of Abdel appears on page 438 of the 1972 C.F.A. Yearbook. The photograpg, which was taken in 1958, shows Abdel as having an extremely plush coat, very much like a Somali, though not as extreme in length.


5. May Ling Tutseita of Dunedin

Ruddy male Somali

There was in addition to these four Abyssinians, a Somali whose name cannot be omitted in any discussion of the breed's history. Thanks to the early efforts of Mr. Ken McGill of Canada, (a C.C.A. judge who was probably the first breeder to work with the new cat) and Mr. and Mrs. Don Richings, also of Canada, this feline, May Ling Tutseita of Dunedin, shall forever live in the annals of the Somali chronicles.

Tutseita, born in the mid 60's, was the result of an Aby to Aby mating (see fig. 6). Although Tutseita sired only two cats relevant to this report, these two felines, one a short-hair and the other a long-hair, have had a profound effect upon the Somali's growth.

a) Dunedin Torri of Don-Al

Ruddy female Abyssinian
Dam = Dunedin's Tina

Torri, because she carried the long-hair gene, was the dam of both Abyssinains and Somalis. Among the cats produced by Torri were Don-Al's Marsue, a female Aby and Dunedin's Moseph of Don-Al, a male Somali.

b) Dunedin's Moseph of Don-Al

Ruddy male Somali
Dam = Dunedin's Torri of Don-Al

The sire to offspring mating that produced Moseph has been instrumental in establishing the Somali throughout Canada and the United States. Because it would be far too lengthy and difficult to present a full list of Moseph's offspring a small sampling must suffice. Among the Abyssinians sired by Moseph is Don-Al's Flame, a ruddy daughter, and two granddaughters, Saffron's Cibi and Ch. Tanya of Don-Al, a red female. A few examples of Somalis that carry Moseph's bloodline and who have served well in establishing the breed are Don-Al's Leroy, Don-Al's Flashette and Saffron's Tango. At least 25% or our present day Somalis can trace at least part of their pedigree to May Ling Tutseita.

Figure # 2

Dalai Robin of Mehitabel
Parents and Grandparents
Sire: Blue Grass Vanilla of USAF Sire: Abu of Knott Hall of Blue Grass

Dam: Wolfgang's Neffa
Dam: Selene's Pogo of USAF Sire: Dalai Deta Tim of Selene

Dam: Selene's Cherie

figure # 3

Sheramain's Dabru
Parents and Grandparents
Sire: Dalai Deta Tim of Selene Sire: Raby Chuffa

Dam: Su-Ryan Saadia
Dam: Sunra II of Sheramain Sire: Dalai Deta Tim of Selene

Dam: Ammon Ra's Sunra


figure # 4

Chota Li R.S.T.
Parents and Grandparents
Sire: Chi Sai Sekhmet of Chota Li Sire: Shermax Tish of May Ling

Dam: Chi Sai Baila
Dam: Van Lyn's Gold Bug Sire: Van Lyn's Gold Fleece of Van Dyke

Dam: Van Lyn's Tangelo

Figure # 5

Ring's Abi Abdel of Selene
Parents and Grandparents
Sire: Bograe's Rusty Ammon Sire: Casa Gatos Abou of Bograe

Dam: Casa Gatos Samid of Bograe
Dam: Selene's Abi Assis of Rings Sire: Ta Lee Ipo of Ellmar

Dam: Dalai Sarita of Selene


Figure # 6

May Ling Tutseita of Dunedin
Parents and Grandparents
Sire: May Ling Boffa Sire: Chi Sai Sekhmet of Chota Li

Dam: May Ling Nahanni
Dam: May Ling Nahanni Sire: Shermax Tish of May Ling

Dam: May Ling Toni

Figure # 7

Dalai Deta Tim of Selene
Parents and Grandparents
Sire: Raby Chuffa Sire: Raby Ashanto

Dam: Raby Tosca
Dam: Su-Ryan Saadia Sire: Su-Ryan Ali Babba

Dam: Su-Ryan Tiger Lili

Figure # 8

Selene's Sha of Shermax
Parents and Grandparents
Sire: Raby Chuffa Sire: Raby Ashanto

Dam: Raby Tosca
Dam: Caper Cat Trinket of Selene Sire: Pussner's Paragon

Dam: Casa Gatos Chyky


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