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Objectionable content in many web sites is of major concern to parents of young children and teens. It's difficult to monitor each and every Internet session especially when we all know that we might be just one 'click' away from inappropriate, offensive material. Software programs that block content are available but need to be installed on the individual computer and used correctly to be effective. Even then, computer savvy youngsters can learn how to disable or change the settings for practically any program.

An alternative may be to switch your Internet Service Provider to one of the growing family of "Filtered Services". These service providers do all the monitoring for you and there is no way to disable or 'turn it off'. Each time your child connects to the Internet, the content will already be filtered and fit for viewing by kids.

It's definitely censorship and it's not for everyone but if you have youngsters it can certainly be an alternative.

We are providing links to some of the filtered ISP home pages so that you can research them for yourself. We do not advocate the use of any specific Service, filtered or otherwise. We just want to let you know about these alternatives because if you don't know, you can't choose!

Additionally, we suggest that you perform your own, independent search of ISP web sites to see what other new services are available.
(Dogpile is a handy search engine to get you started - Dogpile, and of course Google and Yahoo.)

Family Connect – full ISP service or filter only, and Rated G Online

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