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Somali Cat Club of America
1975 Newsletter Excerpts
Author's note:
Newsletter # 6, the first of 1975, introduced new member Pat Warren and her first Somali, L'air De Rauch Rocky Raccoon.

Registration information, so important to breeders and associations in keeping the records of the new breed, was printed as follows:


Don't forget to do a litter registration before you do your individual registrations. The deadline is coming up soon (March -- so we've enclosed a litter registration for your convenience. Please don't delay, it takes a while before the litter slips come back -- then more time is wasted untill individual registrations are done.

Only individual registrations are counted for recognition!!!

Since there are so many cat associations -- registering can be confusing. So we've decided to do a special article on just that.

CFA Litter registration (the litter can be split).
Somalis - register as a LONGHAIRED ABYSSINIAN
SH. Abys - register as an Abyssinian

note: When individual registration slips are received from CFA specify longhair on those that are longhair before giving the new owner the slip.

CFF Litter registration (no splitting of litter)
The entire litter must be registered as SOMALI, regardless of whether or not they're long or shorthairs.

ACA Litter registration (no splitting of litter)
The entire litter must be registered as SOMALI, regardless of whether or not they're longhair or shorthairs.

CCA Litter registration (the litter can be split)
SH. Abys - register as Abyssinian

ACFA Litter registration not necessary - split litters allowed. A longhaired kitten can be registered, but only as a LONGHAIRED ABYSSINIAN

UCF UCF will not accept any registrations until a Somali is shown UCF.

CROWN Not Necessary to litter register. If you plan to show CROWN, individual registration is required. Register as a Somali in CHAMPIONSHIP status.

ICF Not necessary to litter register. Individual registration required to claim ICF CHAMPIONSHIP. Register as a Somali.

NCFA Same as CROWN and ICF.

Please put this list is a safe place - for further reference!

Newsletter # 8

The following new members were introduced:
Margie Jonnet
Verona, PA

Mr & Mrs Edward Harrison
Palatine, IL

Mrs Sharon Mathers
Yonkers, NY

Mr Joseph Caccamo
British Colombia, Canada

Transfer of ownership:
Daila's Tangle-weed of Saffron
Ruddy Female, Breeder: Miss L. Des-Porch
Owner: Mr & Mrs Edward Harrison
(previously Mara Senkevics)

Bev Reilly has a new kitten!
Falconsview's Kahoutec of Mem-Marti
Ruddy Male, Breeder: Laura & Lois Saker

Madison Square Garden

SCCA had "Moon" at the CFA Madison Square Garden show 3/15 & 16 (to represent the Somali). Many people showed favorable interest and our list for kittens increased.

(reference is to ruddy male Somali June's Dancing Moon, who was the club's logo cat.)

Newsletter # 10

The May 1975 newsletter added the following new members:

Patricia & Steven Webber
Ruxton MD
Lynn-Lee's Catfish
ruddy male
Br. Mrs. Harry Mague

Linda & Terry Newman
Albion MI
Chapaka's Miss Phoebe of Cun-Chi
ruddy female
Br. Mrs. Pat Kalil

Mr. Dennis Taylor
Laurel MD

Ms. Katherine Link
Tir-Na-Nog Cattery
Baltimore MD

Ms. Lucy Kwasiborski
Canda-Lu Cattery
Tucson AZ

Mr. Bruce Mathers
Yonkers NY

CCA Special
1.Enclosed you'll find a CCA membership form. Please fill it out and mail it to Dorothy Lamb (with the fee). Next, xerox your membership card once you receive it. Please mail the xerox to E. Mague.

2. We need a xerox of each Somalis pedigree. Once again, please mail the xerox to E. Mague.

3. Lastly, we need a xerox of each Somalis CCA Certificate of Registration. (the one with the big gold seal)

If you have already done any of the above, great. Then all that's to be done is to xerox and mail the xerox's. But please don't delay, this is a lot of information to gather together (from a lot of different people). The earlier this starts coming in the easier it will be when the time comes to apply for recognition.

With the start of the new show season, we have a new goal. The focus of our attention is recognition in CCA (championship status). To obtain this goal we are asking the cooperation of all Somali owners

All Somali Cat Club members are urged to join CCA as a member. Dues are $5.00 for a single, $7.50 for family membership (we recommend a family membership - it counts as two people). Be sure to designate your breed as Somali.

Somalis have done well this past year. They achieved championship status in *three of the eight associations (with our help). They have gained many new friends, just look at how our membership list has grown. Our membership list has more than doubled since the first newsletter last June. Not bad!

It is now time to name the TOP FIVE SOMALIS OF 1974. We counted the points and came up with the following:


#1 June's Dancing Moon (29 points)

#2 Du-Ro-Al's Samson of Lynn-Lee (26 points)

#3 Lynn-Lee's Pollyanna (17 points)

#4 Margus Tafne (10 points)

#5 Mei-Len's Sunflower of Margus (9 points)

#5 Saffron's Falstaf of Lynn-Lee, red (9 points)

Note: These awards are for the 1974-75 show season, not calendar year 1974)

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Newsletter # 12
July 1975

Well, some progress has been made in obtaining xeroxes of CCA registrations, pedigrees and membership cards, but NOT ENOUGH! We still haven't enough to meet requirements for recognition. Once again - here is what we need!

     1. Xerox of CCA registration (certificate 
            with gold seal)
     2. Xerox of pedigree (signed by breeder - 
            any association will do)
     3. Xerox of CCA membership card
We don't have much time left, so please don't delay. It would be a shame to loose another year because a few people couldn't be bothered getting a few xeroxes. COME ON - we know we have the CATS all we need are those xeroxes!


L'air de Rauch's Loki
ruddy male
BR. Mr & Mrs M.Rauch
OW. The Harrisons

L'air de Rauch's Moon Bear
ruddy male
BR. Mr & Mrs M. Rauch OW. Pat Warren

L'air de Rauch's Piper of Natchez
ruddy male
BR. Mr. & Mrs M. Rauch
OW. The Mathers

L'air de Rauch's Moon Wind
ruddy female
BR/OW. Mr & Mrs M. Rauch

Margus Poo-Bah of Lynn-Lee
ruddy male
BR. Margery Hoff
OW. Evelyn Mague

New Member (June 1975)

Carol Taylor, Moorestown NJ

The Sept. issue of CATS MAGAZINE will have SCCA's top five winners (with photos - we hope). So be sure to watch for them.

CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR FIRST CFF CHAMP! L'air De Rauch's Rocky Raccoon is the first CFF Somali Champion. He made the championship at a recent show held in Wilmington, Delaware. He also made his first TV appearance at the same show.

Newsletter # 13 & 14
Aug & Sept 1975

Somali Awards

This fall will be very exciting for the Somali. The Sept and Oct issues of CATS MAGAZINE will be presenting the award winning Somalis. The Sept issue will list CATS MAGAZINE Sectional Awards. The Oct issue will have the All American as well as SCCA's Top Five Somalis.

Please note: The SCCA Awards and CATS MAGAZINE Awards differ. The reason being that CATS MAGAZINE counts only the championship shows, SCCA counts all shows regardless of status.

Be sure to watch for the photos and ads honoring our top Somalis.

Welcome New Member

Ms. Kathy McKay, Genoa IL

Transfer of Ownership

Lynn-Lee's Catfish
ruddy male
BR. Evelyn Mague
New owner: Katherine Link
Previous owner: Mr & Mrs S. Webber


Well, the CCA xeroxes are on their way. We more than met the requirements - the minimum was twenty cats and six memberships, we sent them a whopping thirty nine cats (pedigrees and certificates) and eighteen memberships. Now all we can do is wait for the annual and keep our fingers crossed.

I want to thank all of you who sent us xeroxes and helped us to make this impressive showing to CCA.


With all the pedigrees sent to us for CCA, we found that we had the beginnings of a central file of Somali pedigrees. So we are now in the process of making up sketch pedigrees (just names, no numbers). These pedigrees will be available to everyone, we will start taking orders for the sets sometime in the near future. They will have to be ordered and paid for in advance. The cost of the entire set is $5.00 (our cost for xeroxes and mailing).

Lets welcome a new member

Mr & Mrs Thomas Mc Clockey
Swarthmore, PA

Newsletter # 15

October 1975


As some of you already know, the CCA annual meeting was held in Oct. One of the topics of discussion was championship status for the Somali. Well, all the hard work of accumulating xeroxes paid off. The Somali was recognized, and is now eligible for championship in CCA. Our special thanks go to Sheila & Fritz Bos for supporting & representing us at the annual. Others in attendence were Bev Reilly, Mara Senkevics and Laura and Lois Saker.

Welcome New Member

V.R. Walrafren, Topeka KS

New Kitten
Toujour's Ragamuffin of Foxtail
ruddy female
BR. Joyce Lietzke
OW. Pat Warren


ACA is our next GOAL. Here is a list of things to do to gain recognition.

1. Register your cattery with ACA.

2. Register your Somali kittens and cats in ACA. 
   They must be litter registered before 
   individual registrations. All kittens in the 
   litter must be Somalis even if some are 

3. Transfer your Somalis to STUD BOOK if 
   registered ANCESTRY. This is very
   important. Please get out your 
   registrations and check them - stud book 
   status is new for the Somali.

4. Please notify Evelyn when your cattery is 
   registered. Also, please send Evelyn a list 

     a. number of cats and kittens registered
     b. the names of those cats
     c. the stud book number
     d. your cattery name

5. ACA requires that 50 cats be shown in an ACA 
   show (50 different cats). So if you've ever 
   shown your Somali or intend to in an ACA show, 
   please send Evelyn Mague the following 

     a. name of club sponsoring the show
     b. place
     c. name of cat shown
     d. ACA registration number

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