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Please bear in mind that we cannot be held responsible for any errors discovered in these pedigrees. We have merely reproduced the information provided to us in the mid-1970's as supplied by the SCCA and other sources. Where possible we have made corrections in spelling and have noted certain corrective actions where and when discovered.

Also note that certain cats on particular pedigrees may be known to you as Somalis but listed here as Abyssinians on the pedigree. This is due to the nomenclature used at the time the pedigree was generated. The term 'Somali' was not wholly accepted in the fancy and depending upon which registering body the pedigree originated from a Somali might be listed as an Abyssinian.

Feel free to contact us with corrections, amendations or additions. Your contributions will serve the entire cat fancy as a whole and Somali fanciers in particular.

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For ease of use the pedigrees are categorized alphabetically by the breeders' cattery name.


The following abbreviations have been utilized:
rus = ruddy somali
rua = ruddy abyssinian
res = red somali
rea = red abyssinian

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