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Do you know of a Somali milestone not listed here?
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The first winners in each CFA Region?
Other Associations?

If you can document the historic event please tell us and it will be added in a future update of this page.
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You may add your Somali First milestone by email and we'll be happy to add it to this website.
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Browse through these Historic Somali cat events,
1st Champions, 1st All-American winners
and other milestones from the past.
1973 The First...

Champion in the World
** NCFA **

Mei-Len's Sunflower of Margus

BR. L. Giarraputa
OW. Marge Hoff

Photo of Sunflower

1974 The First...

Best Kitten in Show NCFA

Saffron's Caprice of L'Air de Rauch

BR. Mara Senkevics
OW. Ina & Marty Rauch

Best Somali
Somali Cat Club of America

June's Dancing Moon

BR/OW. June & Stephen Negrycz

Photo of Moon

Cats Magazine All American Best Somali

June's Dancing Moon

BR/OW. June & Stephen Negrycz

1975 The First...

CFF Champion

L'Air De Rauch's Rocky Raccoon

BR. Ina & Marty Rauch
OW. Pat Warren

Photo of Rocky

1976 The First...

CCA Champions

Mem-Marti's Bambi

BR/OW. Bev Reilly

Falconsview Sherazade

BR/OW. Lois & Laura Saker

CCA Red Champion

Lili-Pet's Caruso of Winery

BR. Lillian Mitchell
OW. Carol & Ed Harrison

International Champion

Winery's Pathetique

BR/OW. Carol & Ed Harrison

1977 The First...

Grand Premier

Dalia's Tangle-Weed

BR. Miss L. Des-porch
OW. Carol & Ed Harrison

Best Cat in Show

Lynn-Lee's Christopher

BR. Evelyn Mague
OW. Debbie Miller

Jan 22, 1977 CROWN
Chimneyville Cat Fanciers,Jackson MS
Judge Pat Smith (an Aby breeder!)

Somalis Exported to Europe

Foxtail Star Trek - ruddy male

BR. Pat Warren

Junee's Noel - ruddy female

BR. June & Stephen Negrycz

OW. Jutta Broisch, Germany

Largest Class of Somalis at a Show
29 Adults, 6 Kittens
CFA - Strongsville Ohio, 9/24-25


1978 The First...

Grand Champion

Winery's Cold Duck

BR/OW. Carol & Ed Harrison

Red Grand Champion

Baraka's Rufani

BR/OW. Dennis Taylor

Cats Magazine Somali cover
Candilu's Pharo

BR/OW. Canda Beeler and Lucy Kwasiborski

Photo of Pharo Cover

1979 The First...

CFA Grand Champion

Foxtail's Rio Grande
BR/OW. Patricia Nell Warren

The Second CFA Grand Champion
Followed one week later

Nephrani's Kubla Khan
bred by the Morrisons

1980 The First...

CFA National All-Breed Award Winner
19th Best Cat

Gr.CH. Foxtail's Rio Grande
BR/OW. Patricia Nell Warren

CFA Best of the Best
4th Best Kitten

Foxtail's Big Sky
BR/OW. Patricia Nell Warren

Photo of Big Sky

Empire Cat Club, Judge: Richard Gebhardt

1991 The First...

Blue Male Grand Champion (CFA)

GRC Fifala's Tasmanian Storm of Tadofa

1997 The First...

Blue Regional Winner, CFA
Southwest Region

Pirouette's Shadow Dancer
born 3/14/95
sire: Pirouette's Mr.Bojangles
dam: CH Pysabs Tanis of Pirouette.

BR/OW Arlene Armandi, Santa Monica, CA.

1998 The First...

Fawn Regional Winner, CFA

GRP Fifala's Phantoms Afoot of Tadofa (AKA:Tommy)
Sire: Fifala's Splat
Dam: Fifala's Little Bit O'Jungle Beast

BR: Karen LeBlanc
OW: Tim and Renee Thompson

Note: Tommy is the highest scoring fawn Somali in any category to this point in history (October 1999).

Thank you Renee for sharing that information!

1999 The Second...

CFA male Somali DM

GRC Carquinez Vulcan

Idaho Cat Fanciers, March 20,1999 in Boise,ID

Thanks to all who contributed new information!

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